Professional Diploma in Facade Engineering

Advanced Level

The Professional Diploma in Facade Engineering is an advanced-level program designed for experienced professionals in the field or those who have completed our diploma level course. This course provides in-depth knowledge of advanced design concepts, construction techniques, and project management skills in the realm of facade engineering.

Course Modules:

  • PD.1 – Wall Types and Façade Forms 
  • PD.2 – Façade Materials (Advanced) 
  • PD.3 – Façade Design, Procurement and Installation (Advanced) 
  • PD.4 – Performance of Façades (Advanced) 
  • PD.5 – Façade Access, Health and Safety 
  • PD.6 – Façade Inspection and Maintenance

Aims of the Course:

  • Comprehensive introduction to facade engineering, covering diverse wall types and facade systems.
  • In-depth understanding of facade materials, their performance, appearance, safety, and environmental impact.
  • Insights into holistic design, procurement, and construction processes of building envelopes.
  • Exploration of diverse performance requirements of building envelopes.
  • Understanding of access strategies and health and safety in facade engineering.
  • Thorough understanding of facade inspection, maintenance, and investigation of failures.

Learning Outcomes
Upon Successful Completion of This Course, Participants Should Be Able To: 

  • Develop a solid comprehension of principles underlying various wall types and facade systems.
  • Demonstrate competence in resolving design conflicts and specifying materials.
  • Evaluate and monitor the design and construction of building envelopes.
  • Specify and evaluate the performance of facades in various aspects.
  • Acquire skills in determining access strategies and ensuring health and safety in facade engineering.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in conducting inspections and providing remedial proposals.

Course Format and Delivery:

  • Duration: 10 months
  • Format: Blended, weekends
  • Delivery Mode: Interactive online lectures, demonstrations, workshops, and feedback from the instructor.

Who Can Apply:

  • Individuals who have completed the Diploma level course.
  • Professionals with 3 or more years of experience in the facade industry seeking advanced knowledge.

Career Opportunities:

  • Mid or senior-level facade design/execution roles, depending on experience.
  • Opportunities for specialization in the facade engineering field.

This advanced-level diploma program aims to equip experienced professionals with advanced skills and knowledge in facade engineering, providing opportunities for career advancement and specialization in the field.

Application Status: Open

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